{my husband has a theory}

his theory is....all women look beautiful in a white blouse

i am missing him here in L.A. so i thought my blog post would make him happy + i had a discussion with a producer... {i am working here} about "the white blouse" and my editor's aversion to it. i have to dress homeowners for photo shoots on a regular basis, and if it were up to me i would put all women in a white blouse. unfortunately the rule for some magazines is no white blouses, frankly i think this is an old school approach, honestly not even sure why this was the rule in the first place since so many stars are photographed in them on a regular basis. i found this fantastic video to prove my point {well my husband's point}  that all women look GREAT in a white blouse! it's classic + timeless + sexy. have a look and let me know what you think and enjoy. i think from now on i will have all my portraits done in a white blouse after looking at this. oh and to my cute hubby enjoy honey.....xo