recycle {repurpose}

great console piece incorporates an old sign ...brills! from elemental furniture u.k
it's obvious to me that the wave of eco friendly designs and designers is only getting better. frankly a few years ago most things that were touted as eco-friendly were pretty hideous so i was not interested. But of late the things on the market and clever ideas of re-purposing have well frankly got me kind of excited. I have even started thinking more about using not only vintage pieces and antiques with the idea of re using but have also bought lighting and rugs that are specifically manufacturer with recycling in mind.

re-purposed drawers make up this very groovy chest of drawers from elemental
i have always been a believer in recycling and re purposing . in fact i think that design in america is a little to perfect.using a touch of vintage + recycled items adds texture and dimension to any decor. fortunately designers and homeowners in america are starting to incorporate used and recycled furnishings at home + the choices are getting better and better. here are a few items i find a particularly wonderful addition to home + hearth.
from kay douglass the queen of re-puposing great pieces into lighting - this light is made from an industrial drum, one of my favorite re-purpose projects from SOM

recycled wood + steel cabinet, beautiful patina adds great texture to any room+great storage from marla henderson design
using vintage rugs to recover chairs is a great addition to any room from anthropologie

 recycled rug using antique rugs in a patchwork from marla henderson designs 

think about incorporating old with new + re using take design risks and reduce waste at the same time!