cookbook{behind the scenes}

this is me assembling a stack cake, patience is key, yet i find this very relaxing.

Endless dish washing and prop wrangling keeps my staff very busy, organization is the key, Natalie takes charge and is a super organizer.

special treat for me were the "cat head" biscuits, superb. the cookbook is for a city bakery, sweet auburn bread co. this is the first book for chef sonya, she's been really lovely to work with.

this is a shot of chef sonya's famous stack cake, the final photograph, was one of my favorites, but i am a sucker for a chalkboard;)  working on  a cookbook is hard work, but with the right team it can be extremely satisfying. this cookbook wraps up today, we have had a lot of  laughs, made new friends and have gotten to spend time together which for us is the biggest perk.  Hope you've enjoyed this little behind the scenes peak. Tomorrow I shoot a promo video for my upcoming curated collection for super shopping site The Foundary. Stay tuned for my live stream interview on their FB page at noon (EST)  tomorrow.