{home styling lesson five} photo~ready

well my darling readers , i hope you enjoyed this week's home styling lessons. i really hope it made you look at your place with a different eye and point of view. sharing these tips makes me happy, the truth is that every time i work a styling/production project i have interns and assistants following me ,  you can be assured that i am teaching them everything i know {after all i won't be styling/working forever} i am fortunate to be working with some very talented young stylists these days, {and i intend on featuring them all at some point on this blog, we have some very exciting projects coming our way so stay tuned}

if you took to heart all the tips i wrote about this week, you are well on your way to being "photoready"
what is photoready, well simply put it is when your home is ready to be photographed at any given time anytime of day, it's not about being perfect, it's about being pretty.

people always ask me if my house is always ready to be photographed and I say "absolutely" and it's true ask anyone i know. granted my family has to live with this as a reality, however it makes for organized living and therefore organized thoughts, and a pretty home.

photoready homes, are well edited, have beautiful vistas, and organized closets in other words a place for everything, and everything in it's place.

as i said in {lesson two} " make your bed everyday", and i meant it. fluffing pillows,a straighten up before you start your day each and everyday. i promise you will feel better, clearer in thought and more organized at work, no matter what you do for a living.

i know this sounds like the proclamations of a victim of OCD. but a little OCD never killed anyone.
yes i know your husband or wife or children are a mess. well have a meeting make a deal, barter,do anything ...but make a change and clean up your act! think like a stylist, take these tips and make a plan and make it happen, you will get more done in the day and you will live like a stylist and always be:


* i hope you got great design insight from these style lessons. i have lots more to share and i will down the road. in the meantime look for me live on facebook click on The Foundary, facebook page and then the Designer’s Interviews tab:at Noon EST next Wednesday (3/30)..put it on your calendar!!!and let's have a chat about your home, styling and other stuff. Have a great time styling your home, and send me some pics would ya!

i wanted to share a photo i received from one of my dear friends after she read my styling lessons this week...loved that she put together a vignette in her home. I am positive she's enjoying it and
creating many lovely spots to rest her eye all over her home. It's addictive.pretty soon her home will be photo ready and styled like a pro. {thanks Lesley! great job!}



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