{home styling lesson three}

look around your home, are you telling the story of your collections, a story of color, a story that is pleasing at key locations in your home a place you can focus? When people come into my home, they always comment about how everywhere you look there is something pleasing and beautiful to rest your eye upon. This is a secret and passion that all stylists share. It's the desire to create a beautiful arrangement a "still life" on any available surface or corner. Look around your home, have you gathered things you love, things that look beautiful together and created a story, a vignette to rest your eyes upon?
a vignette can be as simple as this bedroom setting, or as complex as these books and flower arrangement,a book shelf is a good place to practice your vignette composition. again i cannot stress the importance of becoming a student of your favorite home magazines. tear or print out the rooms you like and try to recreate the lovely still lives composed in the photographs.Create pleasing vistas all over your home,and you will be on your way to styling your home like a pro.