{home styling lesson two}

i always say your home should be {"photoready"} more on that later. Use accessories to finish your look, this is what i teach all my style assistants, you cannot pay too much attention to detail when it comes to furnishing your home. accessories give your space a polished look. the look you see in home magazines. get ready in mid april i launch a stylist curated collection of home accessories on The Foundary flash site and Potluck Studio is one of my selected vendors, so buy yourself some color and style at a great price to boot. fun huh?{pictured here~pillows & tableware & bedding by potluck studio}
blankets and pillows, great collected objects and flowers and fruit and a touch that completes a look. when your think you're done with your furnishings look again, be a student of your favorite magazines and replicate the vignettes. More on vignettes in the this week's style lesson.
Don't be afraid of adding some pop, and do it seasonally! Spring/ Summer means lighten the palette.

Today's tips
1.Add pillows and throws with color
2.Don't be afraid of color, do it seasonally
3.Use fresh flowers and fruit as pops of color
4.Make your bed everyday!!!
5.Pay attention to details

photo credits~ Reed Davis  & Rob Brinson