{obsessed} w/stripes

i am obsessed with stripes this season, the kind that would be sported by a sailor or worn by a chic parisian girl.
i was recently mentioned on a post on design sponge  , on a " best of stripes" post. i use a lot of them in our home in italy. i wear a lot of stripes as well, my favorite stripey shirt would have to be from SAINT JAMES

stripes have been showing up in some of my fav home websites and magazines. anthropologie has been  featuring some cool stripe home furnishings

via anthropologie

via ASOS
Miles Redd
                                   in my opinion stripes will never get old, go out of style, or become dated.
                                   i wonder if you have noticed a pattern in my posts recently? 

if you guessed that i am featuring timeless classics you're right,

1. white shirts
2. denim
3. stripes

                               what will be next? you will have to wait and see....maybe you can guess?