beekman {marathon}

i tivo-ed the episodes of the fabulous beekman boys, and watched everyone of them...i had a beekman marathon, i highly suggest it! if you have not seen the show , it is on planet green and really is a delightful glimpse into farm life, for 2 city dwellers, no it's not quite green acres, the popular show from the 70's

but it sort of is:) 

i met josh,{josh kilmer-purcell} one of the beekman boys last week, at a book signing , i've read 2 of his 3 books "i am not my self today" really really funny!!!+ the bucolic plague {saving #3,candy everybody wants, for the beach this summer} he was, as i thought he would be smart,funny and very sweet. he read the martha stewart chapter from his{BP}book, it was, what can i say very "martha" his opinion of martha was my fav part of the reading, he simply said, she was not that much fun to be around & then he said "you know ,drag queen + billionare domestic mogal = not that much to talk about"...hahahaha. love him.
it got me thinking about my garden, it is that time of the year. i have 7 raised beds, they feed our family quite nicely over the spring, summer, and because we are in atlanta fall as well. not to mention the winter crop of cabbage , kale and onions and chives. sshhh i really want chickens, my husband is not that hip on the idea, but i think i can make him change his mind? stay tuned.

read josh's book the bucolic plague it's full of great stories and a glimpse into their life on the farm, i loved reading it and i loved meeting him!

ginny , josh and me at the book signing, josh was a real dollface.