italy looms {closer and closer}

little town of barolo is literally all about wine
this morning i had a lively discussion about wine tasting in italy {barolo to be specific} with some of my twitter friends you know who you are:) it got me thinking about my upcoming trip {in ten days, holla!!!}

our little town will be bustling with activity, since it's so close to easter & italians love holidays & love spending time with family and friends this vacation destination will be running full tilt. the weather should be fantastic. so a little r&r at the beach should be on the agenda.

the first thing i will do is go to the local shops and load up on the regional holiday fare. i have a local recipe coming up on the "in the kitchen" feature on design sponge right before easter. it's a local ligurian easter'll just have to wait and see

{ i have a recipe on this feature today check it out apple+pear+dried fig rosemary cobbler}

i will be counting down the days... & in 2 weeks i will be there writing my posts from italy! ciao have a great weekend! xo
oh and let me know how you like the cobbler!