linens {mission organize}

as a prop stylist, let's face it i have a lot of stuff! so i am in constant motion organizing and mainly editing my collections. yesterday i was shopping for an upcoming shoot with southern living, (it's a food shoot for fall and the amount of props i need is endless.) on my hunt i found these 2 really coolio bins and immediately grabbed them for myself! ( a hazard of my job, is a always find great stuff for myself well it's a hazard and a perk i guess:) 

aren't these fabulous, a quick clean up and they were ready to load with linens!

here are the bins organized and loaded

I store all my linens in great baskets and bins under a built in modern unit in my dining room

super efficient, because i can see everything i have and there is a limited amount of space so it forces me to reevaluate my linen collection on a ongoing basis.

i love the haphazard look of the sleek furniture and the fantastic collection of funky bins and baskets.
Stylist Tip* re-purpose as much as you can look at storage in a creative and different way + look at your collections , edit them and collect mindfully, if you absolutely love it add it, if you're not sure about it don't buy it!

Check out my dining room featured in this ad for The Foundary in the new issue of Rue Magazine issue #5


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