The 4th of July Today Show {DIYs}

doing my thing with Kathie Lee and Hoda

after my segment with darling Sarah
I'm pretty excited before my segment, mainly because I know once I am done I head to Italy for the summer :)

me with Sarah my adorable producer:) at set up.

If you are here, you probably saw my Today Show 4th of July segment, it was a blast btw, to put together and even more fun to present to KL and Hoda they are so cool, now you can do it too. Here are some of the simple DIYs you saw on the show this morning! Click here for the video!

These are easy and pretty projects to impress your guests. These clever craft ideas take no more that a few minutes to accomplish.Great projects to do with the kids or even friends.

Sparkler Table Runner~
You will need~
6x9 painters canvas, available in any hardware store we got ours from Walmart.
Red, Silver and Blue fabric paint, available at Michaels
Veggie brush, available at Sur La Table
Sharp scissors for cutting fabric in half. (you could actually make 2 one for the dessert table as well as the buffet table)

Lay the canvas across a long table, folded in half lengthwise (3x9').
Using the veggie brush, dot the surface with red, then silver, then blue paint, make sure to cluster the stencils together, like a fireworks display.

Let dry for about 8 hours, then set out and set your holiday table.

DIY Cardboard Take-away Pie/Cake Containers~
These cardboard containers can be done in any color, I used a craft paper.
You will need~
8.5x11 inch cardstock 
double stick scotch tape
Parchment paper
disposable forks 
*Template for cardboard take pie take away container
Start by tracing the template on the cardboard using a pencil and your ruler. Cut out the template with scissors and
then fold in the flaps and double side tape them
Put the pie into the parchment, and place into the cardboard container tie with string and add a fork if you like.

Christmas Tinsel Tassels for the Patriotic Sparkler Garland~
You will need~
Christmas Tinsel (if you already own Christmas tinsel,this is a great way to recycle your decor)
Thin twine

Cut the tinsel from the band about an inch. fold the tinsel in half and tie with the twine into a tassel, cut off excess tinsel and band.
These tassels can be attached to garland (i used laundry line) with tiny American flags in an alternating but random pattern and placed behind or above the dining tables.

*this style tinsel comes attached to a band, cut about 1 inch off and fold in half.

Happy 4th to everyone, have a safe one. and thank you for watching me with my favorite ladies, Kathie Lee and Hoda on The Today Show. I had a great time the whole TS team is so professional!

thanks to my Natalie, who helps me and supports me above and beyond!

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