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there are so many of you asking me to help style your homes, I thought starting with the kitchen might be a great way to begin. I will periodically write about styling various parts of the house. you will get some insight to the process of how I think when I enter a room to style it up for a national magazine photo shoot. So let's go...

1.Assess your counter tops. I pull everything off the counter and place it all on the kitchen table, or dining table.

2.Wipe down the counter tops.

3. Start going over what you have pulled off the counter tops. You must be edit these items. Start with appliances. Appliances should be put away on cabinets or closets. I only like one on the counter for example a kitchen aid mixer is considered a pretty appliance.

4. Any food stuffs should be put in the pantry, bread in a bread box, no food should be sitting on the counter of any sort, cereal boxes, jars or giant plastic jugs of energy powders, you get the picture.

5. Any fruit on the counter should be collected in a bowl , basket, or a cake stand makes a lovely container for fruit.

6. Oils, and vinegars should be placed on a tray or cutting board next to the cook top. Along with salt and pepper and flavored salt.

7. Spices should have their own drawer or holder near the cook top.

The remainder of items left on your table after you have applied these 7 tips, should be placed away in closets or cabinets, or donated or thrown away. Editing your counter tops is step one in styling your kitchen. These 7 tips should help you clean up the counters in your kitchen. More to come. Now get to work. Let me know how it goes.

*If you have any specific questions post them and I will do my best to address your individual style questions, let's start a clean up dialogue! 

images from DIY magazine, i styled all of these photos.