Marrakech Part three { a stylist's take on SHOPPING}

as you all know, i shop for a living. not only do i enjoy shopping...but let's face it .."it's who i am".
always on the hunt for interesting pieces to add to my wardrobe collection {yes this includes a girl's best friend (not diamonds), but shoes} + home accessories to round out my home/ prop collection. "acquisition"
is my middle name.

marrakech is a place to add to one's various collections, no doubt. even though our guide aziz was a fantastic resource for all of the history and culture there was to offer, (more on that next post) he was rather astute at leading ME, to the shopping finds that i was most interested in. once he found out what it was i did for a living, he honed in on the best shops in town to inspect (and buy) the most special goods marrakech had to offer.

most exquisite shop for antiques and jewlery
you know about the rug shopping from my previous post. so on to jewelery. how i came to the conclusion that i needed something for my jewelery collection? well... it came about while i was standing and admiring berber jewelry at a historical site , i said to aziz " i need a piece of berber jewlery". before i knew it he lead me to an antique shop in the new part of town, it was chock a block full of the most well selected collection of things from all over morocco. i was in heaven. frank had a seat. this was going to take awhile. the owner a quiet and well mannered man named sami, pulled out piece after piece of antique jewelery from all over morocco. hand hammered and hand beaded , with giant chunks of amber and glass. so beautiful so special i was reeling. i tried necklaces on for an hour, finally settling on 2 pieces, one silver and one amber and glass. it was so hard for me to decide, they were all unique and all had a special history.

when the purchase was complete, the owner took us through a door and showed us more antiques, rugs, silver, and textiles, furniture, and pottery, my head was spinning, each item more interesting and beautiful than the next.

we then made our way down the street to a french shop, that had the most beautiful comfy shawls, of cotton, linen and cashmere. colorful tunics lined the walls. frank had a seat. i was much quicker in my selections this time, 2 pairs of ballet slippers, 2 pairs of ballet slippers for my daughter ( they were so affordable and adorable) + a cashmere shawl in orange, and cashmere shawl in a natural linen color, for the winters in italy.

shopping in marrakech, was all i hoped it would be, the style, the cut, the look...all tailor made for me.
me with our guide aziz