My Italian Summer~ starts with a vrooooom!

This is my first blog post from Italy where I spend every summer. We live in a small beach town, filled with summer vacationers from Milan and Turin. The beach here is sandy, which is unusual for the Italian coastline. Most beaches are rocky and cliff-y (is that a word?) in any case you know what I mean, rugged like the California coastline.

Behind us we have mountains, and behind our particular mountain, there is a gorgeous community tucked away and surrounded by the most beautiful golf course.

The 4th of July weekend is here, so that means a quirky little event goes on over the mountain. It's the Cinquecento (500) festival. If some of you are not familiar the Cinquecento is a car that was and is manufactured by's a teeny tiny car, well designed and sort of the cartoon character of the car world. Like most things collectible these cute little nuggets are so adorable that one instantly wants one, if for nothing else than to admire not to mention tooling around in one is a hoot. Everyone knows that I love cars, and pretty little doll cars like the this one really makes me smile.

So, it natural that....

I want one, and told Frank to buy me one for my birthday, it makes perfect sense...I need a cute nugget car:)  + I found one that could fit all my styling props...+ my dog Dylan would look adorbs in this little

I am officially on the hunt stay tuned. I even picked the color, navy blue like this one....

LOVE the leather luggage detail on this beauty!

One of my very dear friends in Italy is obsessed with the 500, he is the one that actually turned me on to the beauty and charm of this Italian car. He did not get to go to this event with us, so this is a special shout out to him, for introducing me to this motorized piece of dessert. the cinquecento is our little Italian cupcake with vroooooom!