bravo italy!

this is my darling italian assistant (+ partner in crime) veronica, toasting to our shoot next week in paris + other things

going out clubbing in italy is a trip...people here dress great, elegant, sexy , crazy and love to boogie  (usually on the tables). literally last night was what the italians' call "revival", not what you think. it's usually 80's music both american and italian. i personally love the italian stuff. never heard it but to watch the italians in the dance club react, well it's better than tv. 

we are all attached to music emotionally, so when the oldies but goodies come on, everything from michael jackson to donna summer...well let the party begin. so we popped a bottle, open the largest bottle of vodka the place had to offer and danced danced danced, sang sang sang, boogied boogied boogie, i am paying for it today.....can you say N-A-P!