it takes a village! {photo shoot for rue magazine in italy}

producing a photo shoot on the italian riviera is no small feat. although i have lived here every summer for about 4 years, it still takes alot of moving parts to put together in a village such as this when i came up with the idea about 6 months ago, i enlisted the help of my friends here veronica  and leo. we began putting together all the moving parts for rue magazine (and i could not have done it without them!)

veronica and i , she such a great assistant/ and friend, i am going to miss her so much!

me and leo along with francesca
from the fiat 500 club, without leo this shoot would not have happened.
of course the talented photographer mr. reed davis was just fantastic, the thing about reed is not that he is so talented, it's that he makes everything he does look so easy. he is such a pro...and always in a great mood! his humor and his attention to detail made both shoots in paris and here in my home town so wonderful.

will, reed and patrice..thanks patrice (you were the best sous chef ever!)
will taylor of bright bazaar, came to lend a hand, and a bow tie to the rue magazine festivities. he looked adorbs everyday in his stripy shirts, and we had the most hilarious ride together in a vintage fiat 500.

me with will, our first official meeting in my home;)
stay tuned for the italian riviera feature in rue magazine summer 2012. as for me i head back to the u.s. in a couple days. my summer here has been fantastic, it's been great to be able to share it all with you.
stay tuned for what i think will be some incredible blog posts from bright bazaar.

ciao a tutti, tanti baci.
see you stateside...i have some fabulous shoots set up and some big surprises to,  can't wait to share them with you!