working {girls} in Paris.

tourists at the e tower...we could not help ourselves.
reed arrives at the location looking super fly.
working in a new city is always very exciting and when reed davis came up with an opportunity to work in paris this summer... i jumped at the chance.

v and reed pose with the pretty flowers, v may actually start working for me in the u.s. stay tuned.
i grabbed my italian assistant, veronica (she works in milan for grazia magazine) and we "easy" jetted to paris to style up the feature for rue magazine.

v and reed look so happy in this photo...even though reed tried to torture us, veronica with food and me with mass transit
(see reed's blog post*)
other than a few somewhat icky moments was a really cool gig.

the flat we photographed and styled was in a super funky hood. it was essentially the garment district of paris, with a few "working ladies" thrown in. (let's just say it was hard to get the photo assistant in off the balcony, he was watching the "ladies" work the street.)  the cool thing about my job is that it does take me to the most unusual locales , even in paris!

this was the entrance to the flat, v was greeted by 2 ladies of the street each morning, v was a good sport.
 the job involved the usual shopping and propping, but in PARIS! so fun the flowers and fruit markets were wonderful and colorful, not just in hue but in local flavor.

i am excited for you all to see the feature in rue magazine , when? it's really your guess. but this cute urban parisian couple really got it going on...super style...super chill.

the best thing about shooting with reed is the tunes he spins...the shoot was more like a dance party less like a job, gotta love that! thanks reed see you here in italy.

parte due, in italy, we are shooting again for rue...and it's gonna rock! i will be blogging about that in an upcoming post...ciao!