new resources always make me happy.

i have not shared any new resources lately. now that i am back home and styling up a bunch of projects in the upcoming months for various publications across the country, i am on the hunt for new props. i wanted to share this fantastic resource.

it  looks like i will be styling up a ton of gorgeous kitchens, and this vendor really caught my attention. sometimes styling an inspiring kitchen just needs a go to basic with a point of view and studiopatro is just that clever .

have a peek at all the clever gift ideas with a simple (well not so simple) tea towel in hand, you can make a hostess gift with style and  creative panache.


thoughtful design, a new twist and a cool color palette all perfect prop-age for the upcoming fall styling season.

* you all know i love to give stuff away, so how about i do a drawing in the next week for a couple of tea towels from this super chic collection? just leave a comment (make it good) and i will draw a name on september 18th who knows you might have some nice towels to add to your fall kitchen decor.

these are the ones that will be given away...oh so pretty!
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