{recycled wreath + garland project} from The Today Show Dec. 6th!

watch the fun wreath diy today show video then make your own decor! have fun, happy crafting!

as all of you know i am a girl who loves a craft project. last year i made a wonderful recycled felted sweater wreath, i decided to add to it by creating a felted sweater garland. it turned out so great i wanted to show everyone on the today show how it's done. of course america tuned in to the number one morning show to check it out. i am posting both projects so you can make these projects yourself, it's a great holiday project for each and everyone in the family. you will love the look + it's affordable + fashionable and really a lovely way to recycle something that would have never been worn.

~Felted Sweater Wreath.

photos from southern flourish magazine

You will need~

1.     One 100% wool sweater, we got ours from the Goodwill
2.     Straw wreath form, available at Hobby Lobby, http://www.hobbylobby.com/
3.     Scissors
4.     2 button covers, kits available at Hobby Lobby, leftover fabric to cover the buttons
5.     Ribbon to hang the wreath on the door.


1.Felting the sweater~
Place the sweater in the washing machine on a high setting and wash with soap, and then dry in the dryer. The sweater should come out felted all the fibers should have tightened, in other words this process felts the wool sweater.

2. Cut the sweater into strips and tie around the wreath form, leaving the plastic on the wreath form. Tie tight even knots all the way around the form.

3. With your scissors cut the tails of your bows even( about 2 inches) all the way around the wreath. Giving it a neat appearance.

4. Take a 4inch piece of felt or felted sweater in a complimentary color and wrap it around each side of the completely covered wreath. Cut a slit into the wrapped cuff, to use as a buttonhole.

5. Make the covered button in out of a complimentary color felt. Then follow the fabric button making instructions in your button making kit.

6.Sew the button on the cuff, so the buttonhole is functional. Button the felt cuff on each side.

*Hang from ribbon from a door or on the fireplace, in the hallway on a wall.

~Felted Sweater Garland

What you will need~
100% wool sweaters from the Goodwill or your own closet. you will need about 4-5 depending on the length you wish to make.
washer and dyer to felt the sweaters
embroidery needle and thread in a bright color + colorful buttons

wash 100% wool sweaters in hot water, put into the dryer to felt, you will need about 4 sweaters
cut sleeves of the sweaters, then cut into 6X3 inch strips
an assortment of buttons from a craft store are perfect, you will need an embroidery needle and bright embroidery thread
sew buttons on one end of the strip, and cut a small slit button hole into the other end and button

buttoned loop ready to go

button all the loops together and voila a really sweet garland for the mantel or the tree!

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