how's it going? {week 2}

today's combo pear+golden beet+ginger+carrot+ kale

just checking in , how's it going? i started my juice cleanse one week ago. i have been enjoying great combinations of fruits and veggies. i have had tons of people ask me about my juicing in person via facebook and even twitter. i am so excited to share with you how i do my 21 days of juicing.
here's a quick reminder:
1. no alcohol for 21 days this is key!
2. exercise at least 3-5 times per week {more is better, just walking for 45 minutes is great}this is very important!
3. eat a light balanced breakfast, i even have a cup of coffee
4. drink 8 oz. glass of juice at 10am, noon, 3pm and eat a light healthy dinner. you may have another glass of juice before bed
5. drink plenty of water.
juice for 21 days, you'll feel refreshed, as will your digestive system + you might even drop a couple lbs.
i found the really great site that has a different approach, although i like to consume my fresh juice in 12 hours time, have a look at this site and see if this will work better for you. happy healthy life 

Please let me know how it's going by making a comment below, and post any questions and i will answer them. happy juicing {week 2}

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