Susanna Salk's Cocktail of the Week

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As a former editor (who helped launch Elle Decor, among other things), Susanna Salk is an expert on home style.  She's published several best selling books on decor and has another one out now, Be Your Own Decorator: Taking Confidence and Cues by the World's Leading Designers. It promises to help the rest of us achieve high style through inspirational photographs from the best of the best designers.

As a regular contributor to The Today Show, featured writer on 1st Dibs, and mother of two boys...Susanna has a lot going on. When she does have time to kick back and entertain she likes to keep it simple and delicious, my kind of girl. Thanks Susanna!

"Susanna's Summer Drink"
Here’s a delicious summer drink that is SO easy to make and tastes so refreshing. I make a pitcher of it with vodka (added to taste,) and also serve one without:

Best of all, you can get all the ingredients from Trader Joes: they do all the hard work for you!

Pour in 2 cups vodka and stir well!  Combine all juices and pour into a pitcher (a cheerfully colored one preferred!).  Add slices of lime to float on top.  Store in fridge for an hour before you serve. Do not add ice.

Check Susanna's new book out (with a drink in hand)'s absolutely beautiful!