trend spotting in milan

hey there! as you know i did a quick trip to my favorite spot last week , italy! even though i spend most of my time in a sleepy seaside town. milan is  just a 2 hour car ride away from our place. my darling friend veronica invited us up for a day in milan...of course who could say no. right off the heels of milan fashion week we walked all over town. milan was all decked for fashion week the windows looked amazing!

veronica gave us "her" tour {she's studying to be a fashion editor/stylist in milan and works as an assistant stylist at grazia magazine, she works on their blog a lot which is fantastic btw}
our tour included a quaint lunch of the most delicious risotto {something the milanese know a bit about}

after lunch we strolled all over the incredible fashion boulevards and then off the beaten path down tiny locally known streets, streets made up of fantastic vintage clothing stores, tiny artisan shoe boutiques along with one of kind handmade clothing stores... AMAZING. we topped off the day with iced coffee and pastries on the roof of the most well known department store in italy, rinascente with breathe taking views of the duomo.

#funfashionday as we would say on twitter, no kidding!

 thanks veronica! baci baci.