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© Madeline Weinrib, All Rights Reserved

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© Madeline Weinrib, All Rights Reserved
sitting at my pool today i found myself flipping through my huge pile of yes paper magazines. one thing about online magazines, there is something physically lacking...i love lugging my mag stash to my lounge chair and turning page after page of my favorite shelter and cooking magazines while sipping lemonade on ice.{ + you can't float around in the water with your ipad or lap top} there is something pretty wonderful about the pages of a magazine getting damp and curling up after sitting in the sun all day... elle decor's latest issue features one of my all time favorites madeline weinrib. let's face it a lot of rug makers do it right. but madeline's line is the right kind of right for me.
i am obsessed, i have a physical reaction to the patterns and color combinations. it's a love thing! now which one do i want?

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